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Friday, 3rd September 2021

Arrival of participants
Corona Check-in

Lecture session 3
Chair: Sandy Engelhardt
09:00 Hauke Bartsch
University of Bergen (Norway)
The Bergen pipeline for deploying applications for medical data visualization inside our hospital system
09:20 Daniel Wolf u. Marc Mezger
Universitätsklinikum Ulm
XAIRAD: Bridging AI and Medical Research at Ulm University
09:40 Katja Bühler
Visualization of Medical Image Classifier Decisions by Domain-Aware 
Counterfactual Impact Analysis 
10:00 Patrik Puchert
Universität Ulm 
Graph Based Human Pose Estimation from Sparse Inertial Measurement Units
10:20 Monique Meuschke u. Bernhard Preim
Universität Magdeburg
Towards Narrative Medical Visualization
10:40 Startup - Keynote:
Christian Michael Gnerlich
CEO brainjo
Brainsport with Virtual Reality
Short presentation and live demo to join


Karl-Heinz Höhne Award - Award Session
Chair: Timo Ropinski
11:35 Introduction: Oliver Fleig
11:45 Laudatio
Timo Ropinski
11:50 Winner: Florian Heinrich
Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg
Visualizing Surgical Needle Navigation Aids in Augmented Reality
12:15 Laudatio
Timo Ropinski
12:20 Runner-up: Laura Ann Garrison
University of Bergen (Norway)
Interactive Visual Exploration of Biomedical Processes in Cohort Data
12:35 Laudatio
Timo Ropinski
12:40 Runner-up: Antonios Somarakis
Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands)
Visual Analytics for Spatially Resolved Omics Data at Single Cell Resolution
12:55 Farewell
13:05 Ende of the event
TakeAway Lunchbox (off-campus consumption only)
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