Surgery in the age of AI and robotics

Prof. Dr. Dirk Wilhelm is Clinical Director of the Research Group for Minimally Invasive Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Intervention (MITI). MITI conducts translational research in minimally invasive surgery and combines basic research with clinical applications research. The group addresses imaging and navigation, innovative therapy methods, mechatronic support systems and instruments, model-based surgery and telematics, and simulation and training.

Christian Michael Gnerlich

Brain sport with virtual reality 
» Short presentation and live demo to participate in

Christian Gnerlich is CEO of the start-up brainjo. The brainjo team develops innovative virtual reality (VR) applications for training cognitive skills. Cognitive fitness protects against performance deficits, lack of concentration, forgetfulness or even sleep disorders and is becoming increasingly important in our society. However, personalized brain trainings are associated with high costs due to high personnel expenditure. The founding team of brainjo wants to solve this problem and is therefore developing, in addition to the VR application, an app in which a trainer* can make individual settings for the training process. Later, these settings will be made using machine learning methods. Compared to non-virtual training, VR opens up completely new possibilities for raising brain training tasks to a higher level.

The spin-off of the OTH Regensburg is supported by the FLÜGGE scholarship for founders.

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